The Art of Persuasive Design: Building Apps That Stick

  • Date:2015-10-22
  • Time:05:30
  • Location:420 Rue Guy Montréal, QC H3J 1S6
  • Venue:Cloudops
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What does it take to attract new users and get them to fall in love with your app? How do you keep them coming back for more? How do you become the preferred app within your niche? Let’s go beyond gamification to explore more enduring ways of gaining and keeping fans. Learn how to build delight into your app right from the start to increase traction and magnify your success as you grow. See working examples of design that delivers more than just a pretty skin.


5:30pm Doors open
6:00pm Presentation starts
6:45pm Q&A
7:00pm Networking
8:30pm Closing

About the Speaker

Picture of Belinda DarceyBelinda Darcey is a 21+ year visual design veteran, with 16 years in the digital realm. As the owner of Dolce Design, Belinda wears many hats: UX/UI consultant, design director, business developer and handler of nervous clients. She currently directs a remote team of freelance talent, creating digital assets and branding for a variety of platforms, including mobile apps and wearables. She works with clients across the US and Canada.