Past Events

Past Events

Hands-On Workshop on Mobile Apps with Microsoft Azure

24Mar 2016

Mobile Apps in Azure App Service offer a highly scalable, globally available mobile application development platform for developers that brings a rich set of capabilities to mobile apps. Mobile Apps help you build native and cross platform iOS, Android, Windows 10 apps, connect to your enterprise systems, connect to SaaS[…]

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Security strategies for IoT products & what to expect

24Feb 2016

Every day, the smart home is becoming a reality. The billions of new network nodes that appear from this evolution are changing the security landscape. Wednesday February 24th, MTLappTalks will present Ubios’ CEO and seasoned security expert Mathieu Lachaine. He will walk us through the current and upcoming trends, from “protocol standards of the day”[…]

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The Art of Persuasive Design: Building Apps That Stick

22Oct 2015

What does it take to attract new users and get them to fall in love with your app? How do you keep them coming back for more? How do you become the preferred app within your niche? Let’s go beyond gamification to explore more enduring ways of gaining and keeping[…]

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IoT Data Analytics: Discovering Value Beyond the Hype

17Jun 2015

Our next guest Aditya from Mnubo will untangle all key concepts to take advantage of IoT data analytics in different areas. Here’s what you’ll learn: Getting started with IoT analytics Business transformation driven by IoT data-driven applications Consumer IoT: lifestyle trends and changes in everyday users Industrial IoT: disruptive innovation[…]

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Vibrate games and app

Feeling Games and Apps- Extending the Android Vibrate Method

29Apr 2015

In an ocean of games and apps, how do you differentiate yours? Cool graphics and audio are now commonplace and no longer leave the same impression they used to on mobile users. With touch screens as the UI of choice in mobile devices, tactile feedback is still one of the most overlooked, yet valuable[…]

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mHealth: Cognitive Computing and Patient Engagement

17Feb 2015

Mobile health solutions are a hot topic lately, which is why we have partnered with Hacking Health to present you two great organizations that are currently impacting the mHealth field. If you ever wondered how you could easily build smart mHealth solutions that successfully engage patients and customers in the[…]

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Build a mobile App – From the idea to the App Store

11Nov 2014

If you’ve been playing with the idea of creating your own app, or if you are a startup that  is looking to bring to life the next killer app, then our next Montreal app Talk is just for  you! Our friends at Guarana Technologies will be sharing their expertise on[…]

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Gartner’s Cognizant Computing, a new era in the Internet of Things

14Oct 2014

According to Gartner and experts, the internet of things (IoT) is bound to change many aspects of our work life and personal life. In fact the term “Cognizant Computing” was coined not too long ago by Gartner to describe the next trend and standards in IoT. The newspaper lapresse referred to the next industrial revolution[…]

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Créer des app mobiles innovantes et qui ont du succès tout en se pliant aux règles et standards, est-ce possible?

03Apr 2014

Si vous êtes de ceux qui créent présentement des app mobiles, vous avez inévitablement été déchirés entre votre désir d’innover et le fait de devoir respecter les standards propres à chaque plateforme ou encore les règles d’ergonomie et bonnes pratiques d’expérience utilisateur. Ajoutez à cela les règles d’affaires du domaine et pouf![…]

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Le B. A. BA du design d’applications mobiles.

30Jan 2014

Si vous croyez avoir trouvé l’idée qui selon vous sera la prochaine « killer app», attendez un peu… Avant de tout laisser tomber et de vous plonger tête la baissée dans le développement de votre app, sachez qu’il est presque impossible d’avoir du succès avec un app sans un design qui[…]

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